Who we are

We are a support group for Muslim Homeschoolers in the Toronto and GTA. Our mission is:

  • To build a support network for present and future Muslim homeschoolers.
  • To enrich each mother’s unique homeschooling program through the continuous exchange of ideas and resources.

Definition of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a method of education through which the parents or a caregiver takes the sole responsibility to oversee the entire education of their children in a personal and direct manner within a home environment. Homeschool parents carefully guide their children through their mental, emotional, and physical development. The parents choose an educational path for their children based on each child’s personality and gifts.  Although the secular studies are the parents or caregivers responsibility, as Muslim homeschoolers we may or may not include the Islamic sciences (recitation, memorization and Islamic education), within our homes but rathar transfer the bulk of this responsibility to another individual or institution due to the sensitive nature of these sciences.

What we do

TMH provides a forum for muslim homeschooling women to communicate curriculum ideas, networking information, available resources and children’s activities. All muslim homeschoolers are welcome to join.


To join us, physical attendance to one of the monthly meetings is compulsory (for safety reasons).

Yahoo Group

Members are automatically added to the Toronto Muslim Homeschoolers Yahoo Group where members can discuss a wide variety of topics related to homeschooling.

Monthly Meetings

TMH has official monthly meetings once every month with the members to discuss and share resources and ideas related to homeschooling. Learn about different styles of homeschooling and catering to different styles of learning in our children. Find out about different curriculum used by other families and much much more.

Field Trips

TMH arranges field trips for group members to enrich the homeschooling experience. These field trips not only provide opportunities for hands on learning but also introduce different avenues for exploring, discovering and having fun.

Muslim Homeschooling Conference

TMH initiated the first Muslim Homeschooling Conference in Toronto in 2010. We hope to continue this tradition as a service to the community.


From time to time TMH arranges special workshops for it’s members. These workshops cater to moms, kids, or the whole family.